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If you want to buy cheaper ASIC miners from China, Shenzhen is the dealing center for encrypt mining machines. There are a lot of workshops for recondition the used bitcoin miners, and provide supply chain of warehousing, logistics, recycling the miners from other provinces in China.
As the prohibited rules implemented to cryptocurrency in china, all of mining farms were shut down currently. Which leads to excellent opportunity for the investors to bring economical miners. Lower investment and higher return. As one of top suppliers to used or refurbished ASIC miners in Shenzhen we will show you our warehouse, recondition work lines in this video.
Allows you know how we work on providing cheapest miners with best quality. Our procedures of working on as the following aspects:
Firstly, the resources of used miners from other provinces in China, our team will collect them and enroll into our warehouse.
Secondly, our technical persons will sort them through physical check and mechanical test.
Thirdly, our technical persons will test each work-properly miners through connecting rig, called API testing;
Fourthly, we will share our inspection report to the bidder after all these procedures completed.


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