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GALAXY A30S Amoled LCD Display with Touch Glass Screen Replacement

SKU: #603 - In Stock

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6.4” Super Amoled For Samsung GALAXY A30S A307 LCD Display with Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly A307F A307FN A307G A307GN LCD

Compatible Model For Samsung GALAXY A30S LCD With Touch Screen
Screen Size 6.4 inches
Color Black
With middle frame(yes/no) Yes
LCD Display Assembly (yes/no) Yes
Screen technology TFT Display
Item quality AAA Grade 
Material High Quality
Pixel 1560X720
Warranty 12 months
Packing Anti-shock foam bag, Bubble bags, carton box
Delivery time Within 1-3 days after payment confirmed
Quality Control Tested individually,100% quality controlled before the delivery

Even now days its 5G age, but still there huge demand for 3G mobile phones worldwide, to meet up various demands of our customers. UNIAUX provide TFT screens replacements to the cracked or damaged Samsung mobile phones: S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S20, Note 5, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 10 Lite, Note 20 Ultra 5G, J5/J500 2015, J2/J200 2015, J7J700 2015, J1/J120 2016, J2 Prime/G532 2016, J3 2017 J330, J5/J510 2016, J5 PRIME/G570 2016, J7 PRIME/G610 2016, J7/J710 2016, J3/J327 2017, J3 Pro J3110, J5 Pro/J530 2017, J7/J727 2017, J7 Pro /J730 2017, J2 Core/Pure J260 2018, J3/J337 2018, J4/J400 2018, J4 Plus/J415 2018, J6/J600 2018, J6 Plus/J610 2018, A01/A015 2020, A01 CORE/A013 2020, A02/A022 2020, A02S/A025 2020, A10/A105 2019, A10E/A102 2019, A10S/A107 2019, A11/A115 2020, A12/A125 2020, A20/A205 2019, A20E/A202  2019, A20S/A207 2019, A21/A215/2020, A21S/A217 2020, A3/A300 2015, A3/A310 2016, A3/A320 2017, A30/A305 2019, A30S/A307 2019, A31/A315 2020, A40/A405 2019, A40S/A407 2019, A5/A500 2015, A5/A510 2016, A5/A520 2017, A50/A505 2019, A51/A515 2019.

Called TFT screen “Thin Film Transistor”, also a kind of LCD display ,the difference being that it uses an Active matrix arrangement same as AMOLED which means each individual pixel has its own light ,the pictures are sharper ,the display is crisp in conclusion they are better than the LCD panels but expensive as they consumes more electricity than the LCD panel.

Anyway, there are lots of benefits to IPS TFT Display:

-IPS TFT LCD has lower cost manufacturing processes and the price is more affordable.

-Many manufacturers can produce IPS LCD screens which means a wide range of standard sizes available in the market and customization is also lower cost than AMOLED.

-IPS TFT display uses backlight which can have the flexibility to use high efficiency LED lamp and can easily get sunlight readable display.

Negatives of an IPS TFT display:

-IPS TFT display uses backlight which makes contrast ratio limited. 

-IPS has much better viewing angles compared with TN TFT but color inversion can still be poorer compared with AMOLED especially at extreme viewing angles.

-IPS TFT display uses backlight which makes display not completely black for background.

-IPS TFT display responses slower than AMOLED screens especially at low temperature environment

 Samsung Galaxy A30-656.jpg


1.Once the items arrived, check that the products are in good condition.If there is any damaged to the packaging, please do not accept it and give us your feedback immediately. While you opened the package , please shoot an unpacking video.

2.The LCD screen must be tested before installation. (Only link the LCD to the motherboard for testing). Do not install the LCD screen before testing.

3.If you have a problem with the product during the test. You must provide real photos, videos and other evidence, especially the“Uniaux”label to prove that you purchased the product. Then we will provide Replacement / Refund service.

4.Before you install the screen, please remove the battery be careful during installation.Don’t pull on IC which located on the flex cable.

5.If the LCD damaged after installation, we will provide a replacement service and agree to the buyer to return the product for replacement. However, the cost of returning the goods needs to be paid by the buyer.

6.We offer 12 months warranty for the product. But the following situations are not warranty.

(1)Artificially damage

(2) Installation mistakes



Samsung GALAXY A30S:
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