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Super AMOLED OPPO Realme 7 Pro LCD RMX2170MB RMX2170 Screen Display Digitizer Assembly

SKU: #r10 - In Stock

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Super AMOLED OPPO Realme 7 Pro LCD RMX2170MB RMX2170 Screen Display Digitizer Assembly

Compatible Model

For Realme 7 LCD With Touch Screen

Screen Size

6.5 inches



With middle frame(yes/no)


LCD Display Assembly (yes/no)


Screen technology

AMOLED Display

Item quality

AAA Grade




1080 x 2400


12 months


Anti-shock foam bag, Bubble bags, carton box

Delivery time

Within 1-3 days after payment confirmed

Quality Control

Tested individually,100% quality controlled before the delivery












AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) and TFT (Thin Film Transistor) are the two types of displays that are used in mobile phones. TFT is actually a process of producing the displays and is used even by AMOLED but for most purposes, TFT is used to refer to LCD displays. The difference between them is the material as AMOLED uses organic materials, mainly carbon, while TFT does not.

There are differences between the two that are quite tangible. For starters, AMOLED generates its own light rather than relying on a backlight like a TFT-LCD does. This consequently means that AMOLED displays are much thinner than LCD displays; due to the absence of a backlight. It also results in much better colors than a TFT is capable of producing. As each pixel’s color and light intensity can be regulated independently and no light seeps from adjacent pixels. A side by side comparison of the two displays with the same picture should confirm this. Another effect of the lack of a backlight is the much lower power consumption of the device. This is very desirable when it comes to mobile phones where every single feature competes for the limited capacity of the battery. As the screen is on 90% of the time that the device is being used, it is very good that AMOLED displays consume less. Just how much of a difference is not very fixed though as it really depends on the color and intensity of the image. Having a black background with white text consumes much less energy than having black text on a white background.

The biggest disadvantage that AMOLED has is the shorter lifespan of the screen compared to TFT. Each pixel in the display degrades with each second that it is lit and even more so the brighter it is.  Despite improvements on the lifetime of AMOLED displays, AMOLED still only lasts a fraction of the lifetime of a TFT display. With that said, an AMOLED display is able to outlast the usable lifetime of the device before parts of it start to degrade.

The main hindrance to the massive adaptation of AMOLED is the low production numbers. TFT has been in production for much longer and the infrastructure is already there to meet the demands.


  1. AMOLED uses organic materials while TFT does not
  2. AMOLED generates its own light while TFT relies on a backlight
  3. AMOLED is thinner than TFT
  4. AMOLED produces better colors than TFT
  5. AMOLED consumes less power than TFT
  6. AMOLED has a shorter lifespan than TFT
  7. AMOLED production is still lower than TFT production
  1. 8.   TFT vs. AMOLED: summary of positives and negatives






Background Blackness


Color Saturation


Power Consumption


Viewing Angle


Slim Design


Sunlight Readability


Super White Color


Size Availability




主图 (3)

1.Once the items arrived, check that the products are in good condition.If there is any damaged to the packaging, please do not accept it and give us your feedback immediately. While you opened the package , please shoot an unpacking video.

2.The LCD screen must be tested before installation. (Only link the LCD to the motherboard for testing). Do not install the LCD screen before testing.

3.If you have a problem with the product during the test. You must provide real photos, videos and other evidence, especially the“Uniaux”label to prove that you purchased the product. Then we will provide Replacement / Refund service.

4.Before you install the screen, please remove the battery be careful during installation.Don’t pull on IC which located on the flex cable.

5.If the LCD damaged after installation, we will provide a replacement service and agree to the buyer to return the product for replacement. However, the cost of returning the goods needs to be paid by the buyer.

6.We offer 12 months warranty for the product. But the following situations are not warranty.

(1)Artificially damage

(2) Installation mistakes

Realme 7 Pro:
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